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Perdida (2018)

Perdida: the story of Alejandro Montiel’s thriller is a festival of holes and unconvincing characters making questionable decisions, clearly result of trying to cram too much plot. The one thing that makes sense is the protagonist’s mindset, given her backstory, but there is an excess of characters that are in the film for no good reason. She is decently defended by Luisana Lopilato, who creates a clearly damaged character, whose strength comes from her past and her vulnerabilities. Everyone else is either hammy (Amaia Salamanca, Carlos Alcantára) or inert (Nicolás Furtado, Rafael Spregelburd). The film’s aesthetic (from Alfonso González Aguilar’s musical score to cinematographer Guillermo Nieto’s images and Fran Amaro’s editing) is competent but generic.

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