Fifth about The Seventh

Intuition (La Corazonada)

Intuition: Alejandro Montiel’s prequel to his own thriller misses on most marks: its mood is poor and suspenseless, the plot is overdone and uninteresting, and it builds neither from nor towards the character of the previous work. Other than gender, name, and career, it seems this is a completely different person, without any of the traits that she had. Luisana Lopilato is once more decent, but this time around her character is plainer, less interesting. Joaquín Furriel, as the veteran cop, is heavy-handed with his acting; that hamminess extends to the rest of the cast. Composer Nico Cota’s musical score is generic, adding nothing to the film’s mood; the same is true about the work of cinematographer Guillermo Nieto.

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