Fifth about The Seventh

El Revenge (La Vingança)

El Revenge: the ill-conceived plan to raise a friend’s spirits at the center of Fernando Fraiha’s comedy works with the regional rivalry and results in a very entertaining, if naturally a bit shallow, experience. The two main characters couldn’t be more different, which is already a good starting point for their friendship. Both are well-performed by the actors: Felipe Rocha, as the awkwardly sad and lost friend in need of a jolt of energy, and Daniel Furlan, as the motormouth filled with misplaced self-confidence, are both funny and share some good banter. The film shines in the minor roles played by Argentinean performers, such as Ana Pauls, Aylin Prandi, Pablo Perillo, Gastón Ricaud, all making the most out of their generally small screen time. The film is nicely shot by Gustavo Hadba, who frames and moves the camera beautifully. The rarely seen locations offer a good change of pace from the common. Good use of music, particularly a piece that is Evidence A of the rivalry.

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