Fifth about The Seventh

Bad Education (2020)

Bad Education: the true events portrayed by Cory Finley’s film allow for very entertaining moments, mixing some dry humour with its drama, as it asks how much corruption is acceptable in the name of some “greater good”. (The answer everywhere seems to be rather fluid.) The main character, beautifully played by Hugh Jackman, is a bag of contradictions: charming, he clearly loves what he does and is truly inspiring to his students, but hiding things under the surface. Allison Janney’s role is smaller, and she eases into a nasty, aggressive woman with gusto; it is a simpler, less interesting character that she raises with her performance. Geraldine Viswanathan is very fine as the young reporter who is crucial to the plot. Director of photography Lyle Vincent moves the camera; Michael Abels’ music is interesting, a good match for the tone Finley gave to the film, both visually and emotionally.

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