Fifth about The Seventh

Baby Bump(S) (Telle Mère, Telle Fille)

Baby Bump(S): the premise of Noémie Saglio’s comedy is unlikely but possible; still, as it deals mostly with the connection between mother and daughter, it turns out to be touching and entertaining, no matter the specifics. The three main characters are well-defined but naturally comedically broad, and the cast is in good shape defending them. Camille Cottin, as the neurotic daughter stuck in a situation that she is not ready for, gets most of the screentime, and she is hilarious. Juliette Binoche, the carefree mother, is in fine shape, and they both have great screen chemistry as they lock horns. Lambert Wilson, as the charming father, is also quite funny, and some of the most absurd moments include him and his dog. The film moves fast, the locations are charming, and the film makes good use of music, both licensed songs and the original score by -M-.

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