Fifth about The Seventh

The Old Man & the Gun

The Old Man & the Gun: it may sound like an opposition of terms, but David Lowery’s account of the life of a bank robber turns out to be a relaxed, relaxing experience. The film is a low-key character study and charming in its tone, the story of a man that simply loved to do what he did, and did it well. It is centered around a lovely, easy-going performance by Robert Redford, a completely unapologetic, charming rascal. He and Sissy Spacek are great together in their slow dance around each other. Casey Affleck, Danny Glover, and Tom Waits are all equally good in their supporting roles, as well. The film takes place in the 1980’s, and nothing in its aesthetics betrays that it could not have been made then. Scott Kuzio’s production design, Annell Brodeur’s costume design, Joe Anderson’s cinematography, are all quite solid. Composer Daniel Hart’s quiet, jazzy score is beautiful and quite instrumental in giving the film its mood.

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