Fifth about The Seventh

Last Christmas (2019)

Last Christmas: Paul Feig’s romantic comedy is a perfectly serviceable, feel-good movie; it’s also rather forgettable. The central couple has plenty of charm and enough quirks to make them interesting to watch and easy to care for. Emilia Clarke creates a cute character, one that is clearly damaged in many ways, and makes her loveable in spite of her many flaws; Henry Golding is good as the too saintly love interest; they display okay, but not off-the-charts chemistry. The diverse supporting characters feel like a realistic cross-section of the film’s setting (Emma Thompson is particularly funny and touching). The film has the usual polished looks, taking place in a clean version of reality, making London seem almost like a fantasy place, thanks to the production design, costume design, and cinematography departments. The opinion about the use of music goes hand-in-hand with the opinion about George Michael’s work.

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