Fifth about The Seventh

The Bullet Vanishes (Xiaoshi de Zidan)

The Bullet Vanishes: Lo Chi-leung’s intricate detective story has a little bit too much going on, but it’s nevertheless an entertaining ride. The film takes some time to properly introduce the two main characters, but when the plot itself gets going, it’s a non-stop journey through mysterious murders, tales of corruption and conspiracies. The protagonists are charming and an engaging pair, and are supported by a few other interesting characters as well. Lau Ching-wan and Nicholas Tse defend them well enough; Liu Kai-chi, as an antagonist, is clearly having fun chewing the scenery. The film sports a competent visual style; both Silver Cheung’s production design and Stanley Cheung’s costume design are rich and detailed. The lighting is colorful and stylized, but attractive and fitting the general aesthetics.

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