Fifth about The Seventh

Return of the Hero (Le Retour du Héros)

Return of the Hero: Laurent Tirard’s farcical comedy of costumes is a funny, entertaining but ultimately vacuous. It’s still a fine journey, as the main characters, manipulators as they may be, turn out to be charming and have good repartee. A good cast goes a long way, and this film has a great-looking one; Jean Dujardin is great as the pompous fraudster and his natural charm makes him very convincing; Mélanie Laurent projects the required smartness and attitude as his foe and creator; Noémie Merlant is likewise fun as the ingenué. The film moves at a fast pace, going quickly from beat to beat. Visually, it’s colorful, with pretty costume and production designs, all nicely captured by director of photography Guillaume Schiffman. Mathieu Lamboley’s musical score is dynamic, ranging from comedic to epic.

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