Fifth about The Seventh

Dark Waters (2019)

Dark Waters: efficient but unexciting, Todd Haynes’ account of the (inspired by true events) struggle against an abusive large corporation falls under the general classification of an important film. The narrative is detailed and patient, but not overly slow; the main character serves as an audience surrogate as he learns the dimension of the issue. Other than his dogged determination, however, not much is learned about the character, alas. Mark Ruffalo gives a fine performance as the serious, resolute man with a bit of an awkward streak; Anne Hathaway makes the most out a mostly thankless role of the suffering and loyal wife; Bill Camp has the showiest role as the victim that comes forward, and he is quite good. The look of the film is, appropriately, quite somber, dark and cold, with cinematographer Edward Lachman capturing the desolate locations effectively. The music of Marcelo Zarvos contributes a lot to set the disquieting tone.

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