Fifth about The Seventh

Stitches (Savovi)

Stitches: Miroslav Terzic’s drama is a slow burn; information comes up slowly, but the sense of pain is palpable as the story of an obsession unfurls. The film is cold and dry, but the story is emotional enough, and that choice avoids it becoming a cheap melodrama. Snezana Bogdanovic’s performance is where most of that choice manifests itself, and her acting is quiet, subdued, creating a fine portrait of a loving mother and wife that, in her search for what she lost, may put what she has at risk. Marko Bacovic and Jovana Stojiljkovic are fine as the two other pieces of that family. The film is tightly edited by Milena Z. Petrovic and cleanly shot by director of photography Damjan Radovanovic.

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