Fifth about The Seventh

Those Who Remained (Akik Maradtak)

Those Who Remained: director Tóth Barnabás deals with an impossibly sad story in a way that is as delicate as possible; if anything, the film puts all the big emotions, pain or joy, off-screen, making it an emotionally colder experience. However, the two main characters are easy to relate to and care for, since they are both good people coping with the Holocaust in the only way they know how. The two main performers give low-key but layered performances: Hajduk Károly emits quite a lot of sadness with his eyes and posture alone, but is also able to give heart-warming smiles when aked for; Szõke Abigél brings a plucky, smart teenager to life; they act beautifully off each other. The film sports a simple look, washed-out colors, but the sparseness and colorlessness make sense for the moment in History.

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