Fifth about The Seventh


Booksmart: in this high-school teen comedy, Olivia Wilde pulls off a feat: makes a film that is both extremely funny and heartfelt and generous with all its characters, minor or not. It all starts with the central pair of characters, whose friendship seems like made in heaven, and whose chatter is a constant source of hilarious vulgarity. The story may be a bit too neat at the end, but it is thematically inspiring, and the positive note is more than welcome. Kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein are both great (and great together) as the very different over-achievers; the supporting cast is likewise excellent and fun, in particular Skyler Gisondo and Billie Lourd (since they get the most time). The film extracts a good deal of its high energy from the editing of Jamie Gross (who masters the use of slow-motion, smash cuts and the use of music for maximum comic effect). Well-shot by cinematographer Jason McCormick.

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