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Pain and Glory (Dolor y Gloria)

Pain and Glory: it is a delicate and melancholic journey presented by Pedro Almodóvar, one that may or may not be similar to his own; it is a very mellow film, particularly by Almodóvar’s standards, one that allows for a very good look at the main character and, in spite of its subtlety, for quite an emotional punch. It sports a quietly superb turn by Antonio Banderas, who projects what makes the character tick at every moment, without any sacrifice of the range of emotions he goes through. Asier Etxeandia injects some welcome humour to the proceedings, but it’s all nuanced, low-key. Penélope Cruz and Leonardo Sbaraglia are also quite good in their roles, as well. The film is beautifully shot by José Luis Alcaine. The elegant locations, filled with strong colours and art by production designer Antxón Gómez, are the most evident visual reminders that this is this a film by Almodóvar. Composer Alberto Iglesias’ musical score is a great fit.

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