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X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future Past: the intricate, busy plot, is at the same time this film’s greatest selling point and weakness; it’s a great device to use an expanded group of characters, however as there are so many, most of them (but not all) are schematic, present only for fans to recognize. There’s some heart to the story, but (this being a summer film) not a great amount of logic. Bryan Singer’s previous films in this series were thematically consistent, but this present film just briefly touches those themes. The cast is a major wonder, with many great presences; Peter Dinklage and James McAvoy are the ones that are given more to do, but their castmates (too many to mention) do the best with what they were given by the script. Visually, other than some action scenes that are excedingly dark, it’s a slick, well-done product; the use of bullet-time in one particular scene may be the best yet of that technology.

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