Fifth about The Seventh

Border (Gräns)

Border: Ali Abbasi presents a modern-day fairy tale of sorts; as such, it is characteristically grim. The landscape reinforces that, but it also brings up a certain coldness; the main character is not easy to relate to. Her physical aspect is only part of it; it is, instead, her dour outlook at life, sadness and aloofness that makes it hard to care too deeply. Nevertheless, it’s a fine plot, one that is filled to the brim with symbolism. The characterization is the result of the superb work of make-up by Göran Lundström and Pamela Goldammer, one that doesn’t at all hinder the performances. Eva Melander gives a rather fine performance, delicate and low-key in its sadness and still projecting some animality at times; Eero Milonoff is also good, in a generally more primal characterization. The cinematography of Nadim Carlsen is appropriately moody.

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