Fifth about The Seventh

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel: Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck’s entry to the ever-growing cinematic universe is an origin story, but it’s framed in such a way that the usual tropes get somewhat reduced; it’s also not bogged down by elements that are extraneous to the story being told here but are relevant to the universe-at-large. Additionally, the main character allows for a much welcome women’s empowerment discourse, which is presented in a reasonably low-key way. It all adds up to an entertaining package. Brie Larson is a good choice for the character; she has good looks, a fine presence, and can project well the natural strength and defiance called by the character. She also has a good repartee with cast mate Samuel L. Jackson, who brings a good sense of humour and easy-going energy to the role; Ben Mendelsohn has a nice performance as well. The film is typically polished, and doesn’t overplay, visually or otherwise, its time setting; the exception are the distracting de-aging visual effects in play for a couple of the actors. The action sequences are efficient, in part due to their comparatively small-scale.

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