Fifth about The Seventh

Polar (2019)

Polar: Jonas Åkerlund doesn’t hide that this action film is barely more than gun porn, violence porn and a tiny bit of other kinds of porn; nevertheless, for a film with so little meaningful plot and character, it hinges on at least one very unconvincing decision that goes against all there is to know about the character. The characters in general are very colorful, but they are as deep and developed as a shiny layer of paint; for the most part, they are all violent wackos, the exceptions being simply violent or wackos instead. Mads Mikkelsen is OK as the ruthless killer at the center of it all, but the role doesn’t ask for much beyond looking stern, in any case; Vanessa Hudgens is just asked to look like a lost puppy; Ruby O. Fee is simply eye candy, and the rest of the cast just turns it to eleven playing crazy. The film has a very dynamic and stylized look, with lightning fast editing; the camerawork of Pär M. Ekberg abuses of handheld in the more intimate scenes, which is a source of annoyance; character costumes and make-up designs are loud, but at least somewhat distinctive.

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