Fifth about The Seventh

Burning (Beoning)

Burning: Lee Chang-dong’s film tells an intriguing story, made more interesting by being so open-ended; the characters, however, are more concepts than proper human beings, therefore they result somewhat aloof, distant. Thus, the film is a rich and cold experience. Acting (and casting) are spot-on: Yoo Ah-In’s face is all angles, suggesting an awkwardness and solitude (reinforced by his acting and the story itself); Steven Yeun, by the other hand, is full-mode smoothness, both in the way he looks and behaves; they could not appear more different. Jeon Jong-seo is a fine, mysterious and luminous presence. The film is quietly edited by Kim Da-won and Kim Hyun, who let the beautiful long takes shot by cinematographer Hong Kyung-pyo unfurl; thankfully so since some ware truly breathtaking. Mowg’s musical score adds a lot to the sad, somewhat magical mood.

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