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Widows (2018)

Widows: Steve McQueen’s heist movie, of sorts, distinguishes itself by taking a very detailed look at the characters involved, directly or orthogonally, as well as by its blue mood. All that creates a rich tapestry of the Chicago criminal scene, even those pretending to be above-board; it’s fictional but fully believable. It helps that it’s such a large and interesting cast: Viola Davis projects the sadness, intensity and strength of her character, all of which evolve during the course of the film; Elizabeth Debicki makes good use of her striking looks, and sheds her vulnerability, revealing a smart, resourceful character underneath; Michelle Rodriguez is not given much to do, but she is nevertheless fine; Daniel Kaluuya has just one note to play, but he does it well; the poster shows there are a lot more of capable players in this film, all of them in good shape. Editor Joe Walker keeps the tension high and mixes the glimpses into all characters quite well. Hans Zimmer’s musical score is very important in keeping the underlying sad mood going. Sean Bobbitt’s camerawork keeps things gritty and refreshing.

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