Fifth about The Seventh

Museum (Museo)

Museum: not all heist movies are created equal; some, like Alonso Ruizpalacios’ film (which cheekily calls itself a replica, as this is loosely inspired in a real-life incident), are interested in more than the mechanics of the robbery or escape. The result is a sorrowful, rich experience. The main character is quite interesting, and has a fine arch as well; Gael García Bernal plays him beautifully, touching his many aspects (an annoying anarchist, over-his-head boy, heartfelt patriot) convincingly. Leonardo Ortizgris is a nice counterpart to him, even if his is a simpler character; his melancholic voice-over us an added boon. The film is beautifully shot by director of photography Damián García, who gives it a very distinctive look with his fine framing. Tomás Barreiro’s musical score also adds a lot to the mood.

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