Fifth about The Seventh

Ocean’s Eight

Ocean’s Eight: Gary Ross is aware of the rules of the game he is playing: a heist movie should have at its core a charming group of perpetrators working as a well-oiled machine, fighting apparently insurmountable odds with brain, not brawn. There is, therefore, no reason to undercut the value of the great cast at play: their interplay and smooth operation is central to the success of this film. The result is entertaining, even if there are no heart-pouding moments or much formal pizzazz. Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett play it very cool as the old pros; Anne Hathaway uses her ample smile to great effect; Helena Bonham Carter plays it broader as the wide-eyed and insecure rookie. The film looks great: Sarah Edwards’ costume design is attractive and very distinctive for each character, making it part of their traits; Eigil Bryld’s cinematography is elegant, capturing it all very cleanly. The music is spot-on throughout.


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