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Ocean’s Twelve

Ocean’s Twelve: Steven Soderbergh ups in the ante in this sequel: there are more stars, more charming locales, more heists. However, neither of those make the film particularly more enticing: the thefts are all less interesting, the locales are not used to their best. The film is also excessively self-conscious and too smart for its own good; the story has an organic enough start, but the way it unravels is unconvincing. That’s not to say the experience is not entertaining, but it’s not wholly satisfying either. It’s, of course, a great cast (and they are having loads of fun): Julia Roberts gets some extended air time and she is great with the self-referential material; Catherine Zeta-Jones is a fine addition, glamorous and smart; the chemistry among castmates is always fun to watch. David Holmes’ music is still very effective, well mixed up with some pre-existing songs. “Peter Andrews'” cinematography is colorful, but messy (which makes some thematic sense, but makes it less attractive). Stephen Mirrione’s editing is smart, but he has to deal with some ill-fitting pieces.

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