Fifth about The Seventh

The Nice Guys – Revisit

The Nice GuysThe Nice Guys: the conspiracy at the center of Shane Black’s buddy-detective comedy is preposterous (but that some form of such conspiracy would exist, not that far-fetched) and gives space for a trippy, amusing experience as the character stumble through it. The comedy comes also from the on-screen chemistry of the film’s two stars: Russell Crowe plays it mostly straight as the brutish dim bulb sort-of detective, while Ryan Gosling cranks the comedy up as the dimmer-bulb proper PI. They are well complemented by the cute and smart Angourie Rice. The production makes good use of the locations the film has in Los Angeles, well-complemented by Richard Bridgland’s production design and Kym Barrett’s costume design (both of which sell the period). The music selection is solid.

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