Fifth about The Seventh

The Florida Project

The Florida Project: the caring look that Sean Baker gives at the groups of people at the margins of society looking in is welcome, but the film is in equal parts sad and insufferable. In lieu of a proper story, the narrative follows the adventure of a group of hyper-active misbehaving children. The pace of the film drags, as it’s hard to care for most of the characters or what happens to them; the sole exception is the one played Willem Dafoe, who gives a low-key, effective and sympathetic performance. No one else gets close: Bria Vinaite is very unexpressive, and while young Brooklynn Kimberly Prince may be cute, she is also extremely annoying. As most of the perspective is through a children’s point-of-view, cinematographer Alexis Zabe smartly adjust the camera to that, allowing for some interesting framing.

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