Fifth about The Seventh

Inside Out (2015) – Revisit

Inside OutInside Out: there’s no reason to beat around the bush: Pete Docter and Ronaldo Del Carmen’s film is brilliant. The storytelling is layered, emotional (a cheap and overused, but true consideration nevertheless); the story may be an unusual concept, but it works very well in many different levels, being both thematically rich and very touching. It’s also very entertaining, mixing funny moments seamlessly (and with good taste). The characters are all well-used, and perfectly defended by the voice cast; Amy Poehler and Phyllis Smith are great, avoiding the pitfalls of one-note that their characters could have; Richard Kind has the more colorful character, and he runs away with it. The animation is wholly great: from the many different set designs to the way each character is drawn; it’s colorful when it needs to be, and always very visually attractive. Michael Giacchino’s score is diverse and a great addition to the film, enhancing the sentimental moments.

The accompanying short Lava is enchanting, a great example of how Pixar can tell an engaging story with the most unusual set of characters. The music here is very fine by itself.

Read what I wrote before: Inside Out


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