Fifth about The Seventh


Okja: director Joon-ho Bong does his utmost to instill terror and disgust in the story he tells, certainly dealing with an issue that he holds very dear; that includes some tonal shifts (from an idyllic fairy-tale of sorts to a corporate farce to a serious exposé) that fail to touch or work all that well. Part of the issue is the acting, in particular some characterizations (Jake Gyllenhaal and Shirley Henderson) that are just annoying in their largeness and weirdness. Tilda Swinton fares better with her performance, even if it’s essentially in the same key as those two. Seo-Hyun Ahn, the heart of the film, is somewhat lacking, expressionless. By the other hand, the design and execution of the title creature is a winning one, built for maximum empathy. Another element that is quite off-putting is the choice of music that plays throughout the film.


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