Fifth about The Seventh

Rogue One – Revisit

Rogue OneRogue One: Gareth Edwards’ film is a good example of how too much of a good thing may not sum up to a good result. The issue here is that there’s many elements that seem to have been included just for universe fans to nod their heads in recognition; so much so that the whole seems mechanic, albeit entertaining. A bigger sin is the fact that, as there is little reason to develop the characters properly, only the heroine feels like a worthy addition to the Star Wars collection. The cast is diverse and more than fine; led by Felicity Jones, but castmates Diego Luna, Donnie Yen, Wen Jiang, Riz Ahmed are all solid line-readers (and make the banter work). Technically, this is of top-shelf quality: cinematographer Greig Fraser delves into the dirty look of war films in many different environments; the special effects team (along with art department and makeup) creates such places and some typically bizarre creatures; Michael Giacchino creates a score that quotes the original John Williams theme but feels somewhat fresh.

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