Fifth about The Seventh

House of Cards – Season Five

House of Cards – Season Five: it comes both as a relief and an annoyance how far-fetched this season’s storyline is. It’s continuing a trend, so this is far from new, but it’s a relief that in this day and age, whatever is being portrayed by this series is not perceived as normal. (Considering most people are not privy to what happens behind the curtains of the White House, or any government for that matter, the elements that are in front of the public are the ones being referred to.) However, as it follows further along that path, it feels more and more something trashy, a poor man’s thriller rather that a political drama; additionally, the moustache-twirling nature of most (if not all) characters is tiresome. The cast deals well with the poker-faced nature of most characters (the exception being Kevin Spacey’s character, given more range to be explored); both the veteran faces (Robin Wright, Neve Campbell, Michael Kelly, Boris McGiver) and the newcomers (Patricia Clarkson, Campbell Scott) are fine within that framework.

Aesthetically, the series retain its elegant look: the set design is cold but very consistent throughout, the color palette is soft and pleasing, the camera work, like in previous seasons, filled with subtle camera movements.

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