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House of Cards – Season Three

House of Cards S3House of Cards – Season Three: even if by now this show is somewhat of a known quantity,there is a somewhat ironic shift that makes this season a bit of a novelty within the whole, therefore more interesting than a plain “more of the same” would be. It allows the veteran characters to display new dimensions, and gives the excellent cast (chiefly Robin Wright, Molly Parker, Kevin Spacey) new ways to shine. Lars Mikkelsen equally shines as the main new face.

One of most distinguishable narrative devices used by the show is the “broken fourth wall”; as by now the viewer’s empathy with the main character can basically be assumed, the device can be used more sparingly and efficiently.

Another trademark is the sober, elegant, efficient look; once more, the decision to use one single cinematographer (Martin Ahlgren in this case) for most of the season was a good one. The consistency is welcome and important to set the tone.

At the end of the day, this is a highly polished product that remains attractive (assuming the subject matter is, of course).

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