Fifth about The Seventh


Trainspotting: Danny Boyle’s film is brimming with chaotic energy, as befits the theme; it is, at times, disgusting, sad, manic, preposterous; the plot, such as it is, is loose, episodic, and barely consequential. It’s also entertaining, in part because the voice overs are so amusing, and enlightening, as it makes no effort in hiding the ill effects of drug addiction. The cast is pitch-perfect: Ewan McGregor has the perfect look and emotes nicely the many different phases; Robert Carlyle oozes slimy threat; Kelly Macdonald is convincingly charming. The film is smartly put together: director of photography Brian Tufano’s images are very expressive and fit the idea of the film to a T; the same can be said about Masahiro Hirakubo’s editing. Nice song selection in the soundtrack.


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