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Casting a Ballot – 2015 Oscars

88th OscarsIt all comes down to this.

As I have been doing with a lot of different guilds (to say the least, and here are a few more) over the last months, I’m casting a fictional ballot for the 88th Academy Awards. The full list of nominees can be seen here.

This is not the list of who I believe will win each category (I’ll post that one in a few days), but who I believe should win (some of which can be traced back to my Top 10 films of 2015).

Without further ado!

Best Supporting Actor: Mark Rylance for Bridge of Spies

Best Editing: Hank Corwin for The Big Short

Best Makeup and Hairstyling: Lesley Vanderwalt, Elka Wardega and Damian Martin for Mad Max: Fury Road *

Best Costume Design: Jenny Beavan for Mad Max: Fury Road

Best Production Design: Colin Gibson and Lisa Thompson for Mad Max: Fury Road

Best Sound Mixing: on Taylor, Frank A. Montaño, Randy Thom and Chris Duesterdiek for The Revenant

Best Sound Editing: Mark Mangini and David White for Mad Max: Fury Road

Best Supporting Actress: Kate Winslet for Steve Jobs

Best Documentary Feature: abstain

Best Documentary Short: abstain

Best Music (Original Score): Carter Burwell for Carol

Best Music (Original Song): abstain

Best Animated Feature: Inside Out

Best Visual Effects: Roger Guyett, Patrick Tubach, Neal Scanlan and Chris Corbould for Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Best Animated Short Film: abstain

Best Live Action Short Film: abstain

Best Foreign Language Film: Mustang **

Best Actor: Michael Fassbender for Steve Jobs

Best Original Screenplay: Pete Docter, Meg LeFauve, Josh Cooley for Inside Out ***

Best Adapted Screenplay: Charles Randolph and Adam McKay for The Big Short

Best Cinematography:Emmanuel Lubezki for The Revenant

Best Actress: Cate Blanchett for Carol

Best Director: Adam McKay for The Big Short

Best Picture: The Big Short

2) Room

2) The Martian

3) Spotlight

4) Bridge of Spies

6) Brooklyn

7) The Revenant

8) Mad Max: Fury Road

*: Not seen The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed out the Window and Disappeared

**: Not seen Embrace of the Serpent and A War

***: Not seen Straight Outta Compton

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