Fifth about The Seventh

The Incredibles

The Incredibles: an immensely fun film. It all starts with the great story by director Brad Bird, which has recognizable elements but is also very fresh; it’s also rather layered. The sense of humor is low-key; it’s present in the dialogue, character design and in the frame, and much of it comes from references about culture in general, superheroes, Pixar itself. It’s extremely well-done, drawn in a clean, retro style that fits the story being told; the character design is varied and meaningful. The voice acting is great, also low-key; it’s not there to make a show of itself but to tell the story as well as possible. Michael Giacchino’s score, jazzy and full of references itself, is a wonderful fit.

The short Jack-Jack Attack, very fun on itself, complements a moment of the story nicely.


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