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The Incredibles – Revisit

The Incredibles: all the pieces are perfectly in place in this Brad Bird classic: the action scenes are dynamic, exhilarating; they work because of the deep connections with the characters, which are worked out in an entertaining, thematically rich story. The aesthetics are lovely: the world is retro-cool, clean, distictively designed; so are the characters, who are designed with a clear purpose in mind, one that is related to the characteristics of the characters; the musical score, by Michael Giacchino, jazzy and smooth, reinforces the nostalgic feeling of the film. The voice acting is very solid, for the most part avoiding the large theatrics so common in animations; the exception is Brad Bird, who nevertheless creates a funny, memorable character. Craig T. Nelson and Holly Hunter are spot on in the central roles, with a convincing range of emotions, and are well supported by Jason Lee and Samuel L. Jackson.

Jack-Jack Attack, a stand-alone short also directed by Brad Bird, extends a moment in the film in a very entertaining way. It is a fine choice for it not to be a part of The Incredibles, however.

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