Fifth about The Seventh

Triangle of Sadness

Triangle of Sadness: Ruben Östlund manages a minor feat of metalinguistics: his film is as dull and empty as the people he sets on to make fun of. Mainly following a couple of young runway and photographic models as they go on a fated yacht cruise, the satire is tired, repetitive, pretentious, superficial, and boring. None of the characters is even mildly likable or in any way interesting; that certainly is part of the misanthropic point Östlund is making, but that makes for a particularly unengaging viewing experience. The casting, at least, is on-point, if catering to the stereotypes: Charlbi Dean and Harris Dickinson form a good-looking modeling couple; Zlatko Burić convincingly looks like a Russian oligarch, Dolly De Leon like a Filipino maid, and Woody Harrelson like, well, Woody Harrelson playing a captain in a role much shorter than advertised. Their acting is far from memorable in one way or another. The film is competently shot by cinematographer Fredrik Wenzel, and if it feels long, it’s not the fault of the editor, Mikel Cee Karlsson.

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