Fifth about The Seventh


Corsage: Marie Kreutzer’s drama is a character study of the famous Empress; the film does not hide the fact that her life suffocated her, that every formality surrounding her stifled her, and the film showcases her fictional fight to recover some of that space. It is easy to sympathize with her plight, but her character comes across as a bit cold and overly demanding, even of those that loved her. It is a beautiful piece of acting by Vicky Krieps, who balances the majesty of a woman recognized by her title, intelligence, and beauty with the anguish of not leading the life she wanted. Florian Teichtmeister gives a satisfactory performance as her husband, the Emperor. The film is somewhat slow, but a number of modern touches here and there make it more interesting than a traditional period film. Cinematographer Judith Kaufmann’s work is efficient, the costume design by Monika Buttinger has lots of personality without being overly luxurious, and the musical score, by Camille, is quite good (complementing the good use of modern songs in period-appropriate arrangements).

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