Fifth about The Seventh


Navalny: one of the most dangerous activities on the planet, currently, is opposing Vladimir Putin; Alexei Navalny, the subject of this Daniel Roher documentary, knows that well. There is a reason the film is essentially structured as a thriller. It follows Navalny after he survived a (likely) assassination attempt in Siberia, showing how he got there and what happened to him afterward. Navalny is charismatic and brave but miscalculated more than once how far his foes were willing to go. He is also media-addicted, and ready to make questionable alliances to reach his objectives; in other words, he is an interesting character. The good access the director and his team had allowed for the narrative to include some genuinely incredible (but also fully credible, come to think of it) discoveries. Editors Maya Hawke and Langdon Page give the film a remarkable and exciting pace.

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