Fifth about The Seventh

Kitchen Brigade (La Brigade)

Kitchen Brigade: Louis-Julien Petit’s dramedy mixes two sub-genres: a social drama and a comedy (in particular, the story of a curmudgeon specialist, this time a chef, who is forced by circumstances to take under their wing some energetic but unexperienced helpers). However, the jumps from one to the other are a bit jarring; some additional time for the two lines to converge would have done the film some good. Another area that would get benefitted from more time is the exploration of the many young kids that form the “brigade”; as it is, they mostly feel somewhat generic. At least one character keeps popping up without any dramatic reason. The two big names of the cast, Audrey Lamy (who plays the chef that goes to work in a young refugees project) and François Cluzet (the responsible for the said project), are in fine form. The many kids are charming.

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