Fifth about The Seventh

Monsoon Shootout

Monsoon Shootout: Amit Kumar’s thriller is a good use of an oft-seen narrative device, the alternative realities based on a specific choice. In this case, the choice of whether a rookie policeman shoots a murder suspect or not as the man tries to escape. Even if the film proposes that the moral ramifications of those choices are not so clear after the fact, however, the final message is somewhat cynical. Vijay Varma plays the idealistic and moral young cop, in his many alternative versions, quite well. Nawazuddin Siddiqui is likewise efficient as the suspect of many violent crimes with (perhaps) deep connections, as is Neeraj Kabi, who plays the older pragmatic cop. Editors Ewa Lind and Atanu Mukherjee give the film a snappy pace, moving quickly from one thread to the other. Cinematographer Rajeev Ravi captures Mumbai, particularly under the heavy rain, quite nicely.

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