Fifth about The Seventh

Men (2022)

Men: Alex Garland is nothing if not strident in saying what he wants to say with this film; still, the simple fact that this is not simply a horror film is positive. The setup is basic enough, as it puts a young woman alone in an isolated place, but she is there to try and escape from a traumatic event, and all that follows comes back to that. Jessie Buckley, playing the main character, balances well the many emotions, from fear and terror to the strength that drives her towards survival. With the help of the make-up and hairstyling team, Rory Kinnear plays almost everyone else, using an ever-present creepy undertone. The music (by composers Geoff Barrow and Ben Salisbury) is instrumental in creating the uneasy mood and accentuate the increasingly disturbing images. Cinematographer Rob Hardy maximizes the spine-chilling with well-chosen angles, lighting, and full use of the locations’ features. The bucolic and secluded house, located near a quite charming English village, surrounded by quiet fields and woods, is a great find.

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