Fifth about The Seventh

The Coward (Kapurush)

The Coward: Satyajit Ray’s domestic drama doesn’t waste much telling a story of an old love lost and found again in the unlikeliest of places. It follows a man who accidentally meets the woman he let go of years before, now married to another man. The film is highly dependent on the acting of Soumitra Chatterjee, as the hapless man forced to look at his worst moment once more, and Madhavi Mukherjee, as the luminous woman who is never unclear of what she thinks of that. Haradhan Bannerjee completes the triangle, as the rich, sociable, somewhat vulgar husband. The film is filled with pregnant silences and anguished glances. The camera of director of photography Soumendu Roy moves around elegantly, with his constant reframes being very expressive and filled with meaning. Ray himself composed the beautiful musical score.

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