Fifth about The Seventh

Hustle (2022)

Hustle: Jeremiah Zagar’s sports drama doesn’t land very gracefully, as the film deals with its conflicts unconvincingly, but before it reaches that point it is an entertaining ride. The story follows a scout looking for and helping an off-the-charts prospect, but it fails to present an antagonist who is well-defined and interesting. Adam Sandler gives a fine performance as the disillusioned scout, carrying himself with a constant sadness and self-sense of failure. Juancho Hernangómez, playing the Spanish prospect, is not an actor and it shows, but he can play basketball and has, at least, a warm smile. Queen Latifah is fine in the limited role of the supporting wife. Ben Foster, does what he can with the weak antagonist. The film is generally well-paced, and the (many) basketball sequences are well shot (by cinematographer Zak Mulligan) and edited (by Tom Costain, Keiko Deguchi, and Brian M. Robinson).

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