Fifth about The Seventh

1982 (2019)

1982: Oualid Mouaness tries to do a bit too much in this film. By not focusing solely on the children, the film introduces some dull, underdeveloped drama at the same time it squanders the opportunity to throw some light on the 1982 conflict in Lebanon. The children’s slice is charmingly typical, global in its worries, but also contains some unfinished business. The children (Gia Madi, Mohamad Dalli, Ghassan Maalouf) are cute, but their acting is indifferent at best. The adults, Nadine Labaki and Rodrigue Sleiman foremost, fare mildly better. The film mixes a bit of animation to build up a sense of wonder which is typical of children. The images of cinematographer Brian Rigney Hubbard are clear and effective.

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