Fifth about The Seventh

Everything Went Fine (Tout S’Est Bien Passé)

Everything Went Fine: it is an impossible conundrum that François Ozon’s protagonist faces: she can’t, or won’t, refuse what her father asked her, but that request is to assist him with his suicide after a stroke. It is a sad tale, one that Ozon tells with a small amount of emotion, but nevertheless very effective. Sophie Marceau walks that line beautifully, an intelligent and sensitive woman who despite her issues with her father, doesn’t want to see him gone. Géraldine Pailhas plays her sister, and they are very good at playing with each other. André Dussollier, as the complicated man, is very fine: firmly of the opinion that half a life is not a life at all, he plays the effects of the stroke with a sad mixture of despair and joie de vivre. Elegantly made, with fine cinematography, editing, and production design.

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