Fifth about The Seventh

Executive Order (Medida Provisória)

Executive Order: the starting point of Lázaro Ramos’ film is, as is wont of dystopian tales, absurd (as an aside, looking at the world today, is it really?) but undoubtedly very powerful. It is entertaining with its preposterous characters and situations, but the film doesn’t seem to know what to do with it, and even its cathartic moments feel incomplete and insufficient. In any case, just talking about the issues it raises (institutional racism particularly in a fascist state), even without a fully formed story, is important enough. The central trio of heroes is well-represented by Taís Araújo, Alfred Enoch, and Seu Jorge, while the two main villains, Adriana Esteves and Renata Sorrah, are nice creations, pathetic in their easy cruelty. The film is well put together, with good work by cinematographer Adrian Teijido and editor Diana Vasconcellos.

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