Fifth about The Seventh


Tarsilinha: the story of Celia Catunda and Kiko Mistrorigo’s animation film is simple as a story for children will be. It follows the adventure of a young girl who has to recover the stolen memories from her mother in a strange fantasy land; the general tone is, clearly, for young kids. The animation is a combination of lovely watercolor 2D while the protagonist is in her real world and a cute but simple 3D when not. The distinction, and it is a crucial one, is that the fantasy world is inspired by the work of Tarsila do Amaral; colorful, with broad strokes, the world itself is quite a beauty, and the creatures met are quite delightful in their simplicity. The musical score, by Zeca Baleiro and Zezinho Mutarelli, is varied and quite lovely, with its clearly Brazilian overtones complementing the visuals. Alice Barion is charming as the plucky title character; Ando Camargo plays nicely a sidekick with a penchant for the invented words that are very typical.

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