Fifth about The Seventh

Black Box (Boîte Noire)

Black Box: Yann Gozlan’s film has a good starting point (or rather, a good point-of-view into the investigation of an airplane crash), but as the story evolves, it gets overplotted and less distinctive. Still, it is ultimately an effective thriller. The protagonist, well-played by Pierre Niney, is somewhat typical: an obsessive geek, a bit paranoid, but not very wrong about that. His emotional journey, a trip down a rabbit hole, is convincing enough. Lou de Laâge is somewhat stuck with the thankless role of his wife, and she does what she can with it. The film ticks all the boxes for the genre, with cold and effective cinematography by Pierre Cottereau and editing by Valentin Féron; the sound design, an important element of the story, is quite well-done, even if it calls for some suspension of disbelief.

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