Fifth about The Seventh

Jealousy (La Jalousie)

Jealousy: spare much like the apartments it inhabits, Philippe Garrel’s film is a quiet and elegant look at the romantic life of the protagonist. The film doesn’t hold hands, moving quickly and skipping periods of time; as much as the story is not fully chewed up, so aren’t the characters. The protagonist is a struggling actor with a heavy romantic leaning, and that’s pretty much the extent of what is known of him. Louis Garrel plays well the charming, flirty, a bit lost man. Anna Mouglalis, as his romantic interest, also a struggling actress with her own emotional agenda, is likewise pretty effective. Olga Milshtein, as his daughter, is really cute. The film is shot by the director of cinematography in attractive black-and-white. Jean-Louis Aubert’s music is used very economically, but it is a very nice score.

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