Fifth about The Seventh

Simple as Water

Simple as Water: perhaps it is because the subject matter (maybe even the particular stories) of Megan Mylan’s documentary is still ongoing, but the film feels almost rushed. Not its pace (the documentary is patiently observational), but its existence. There is no denying that the refugee crisis, from Syria in this particular case, is heartbreaking, and with no end in sight. However, as the film splits its attention among a few families, we don’t get to truly know well any one of them. The images (shot by a trio of cinematographers) are intimate, but the film, because of that, feels actually distant from their subjects. The editing, by Purcell Carson and Megan Mylan herself, does its utmost to create a narrative out of what must have been a mountain of footage from each of the families. Composer Hanan Townshend’s music is beautiful.

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