Fifth about The Seventh

The Batman

The Batman: Matt Reeves’ entry to the long (and disconnected) series of films about the comics character is mainly inspired by the original name of the publication that introduced Batman, Detective Comics. It is essentially a neo-noir, so intent it is to focus on the underbelly of the city and dark side of the human soul, in its anti-hero protagonist, supporting characters, and antagonists. The choice of the main villain, in that sense, was essential for this vision to work. The film is not in black-and-white, but it could be: often, as the poster suggests, it goes for a monochromatic look, and generally, cinematographer Greig Fraser’s images are dark and high-contrast, with the colors washed out. It is a stylized look for sure, one that fits the story and tone. Production designer James Chinlund creates a beautifully decadent city that works perfectly as the backdrop for the story. Robert Pattinson proves to be a solid choice to play the protagonist, as he plays his pain convincingly. Zoë Kravitz sells her role quite well, too. Colin Farrell (under wonderful prosthetic make-up), John Turturro, Paul Dano all make good villains, and Jeffrey Wright is a dignified, honest sidekick. Michael Giacchino’s musical score is a good fit for the film. The movie, however, is a bit overlong, in particular towards the end.

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